Save the Marriage For the Children

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Divorce is a very easy step to get rid of married life. But experience shows that many people, who have chosen this way, suffer badly in different ways. This may lead to either personal or social isolation. These reasons alone are enough for you to at least try to save your marriage.

The kids of the divorced parents traumatized and in many cases they could not overcome this agony, irrespective of their maturity level. Therefore, consultants generally asked the couples to restrain from getting divorced. Otherwise, in many cases, future of the kids may also be ruined because of the lack of mental stability.

The kids universally feel safe and secure in the company of the parents. They could not imagine life without the company of their parents. So the moment their parents get separated, usually they lose focus and orientation.

It became more complicated if the parents don't agree on the upbringing of their kids and matter has to get settled in the court. Obviously, kids love both the parents and could not choose one of them to stay back for the entire life. It became worse in the case where kids are minor and court ordered their stay with one of their parents without their own consent. So, it became very much necessary to save your marriage for the better future of your kids.

In many countries, divorce doesn't have wide acceptance. In this case, the child may feel humiliated and embarrassed. The divorce may also bring economical crunch as you have to run the entire show, including your children education and care, with single income. The feeling of hatred, inferiority, loneliness and insecurity; among the kids of the divorced parents is very much common. It affects the emotional bonding of the kid with the parents as well as with the friends.

The void created in the absence of happy family leads to develop complications in kid like lack of concentration, slow mental and physical development and losing trust in relationships. The feeling of futile life then leave adverse effects on children and it may leads to medical problems. It may ruin the entire life of the children.

It is strongly recommended to avoid divorce and save your marriage for the good future of your kids. Because, the kids may start thinking destructive rather than constructive, and may indulge in alcoholism, violence, drugs or even try to put end to their life. It also leads some other behavioral problems like uneasiness, introvert behave and lack of self confidence.

If you are really concerned about your children future, then first identify the factors affecting your happy marriage and try to settle these disagreements between you. Once you decided to save your marriage, then the onus of solving these problems is equally on both of you. For this you required to be patient enough to listen and convey your own feelings to the partner. It may require taking the help from those who are close in relations and even of the professional consultant. These professional consultants analyze and solve these kinds of complex problems efficiently, as they possess lot of experiences and scientific techniques.

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Save the Marriage For the Children

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This article was published on 2010/04/03
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