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Kids are full of contradictions. They think they are all grown up and ready to do things on their own yet they want to know you are right there to help them if they need it. Giving kids the tools they need to maintain their independence helps them feel like they are doing it on their own. One way to make them feel like they are keeping up with the big kids is make sure they have furniture that is just there size. Getting up on the big couch is not always easy but a little kid's upholstered chair is just the right fit for making a child feel comfy, secure, and successful.

There are so many styles to choose from that it's easy to find the right upholstered kids chair for the little ones in your family. When making your selection there are a few fundamental questions you need to keep in mind. The first and most important thing to think about is to make sure you are purchasing the right size for your child. Many people see chairs online or in a catalog and fall in love with the design but they forget to look at the dimensions. If it's only 24 inches high, that is likely the total height of the chair and thus more appropriate for a pre-schooler than a 3rd grader. Another important thing to keep in mind is what room the chair will be placed in. If it's going in the living room you might want to make it a more subtle fabric so that it matches the family décor. If fun is more important to you, than pick a fabric that fits your child's personality.

There are so many styles and companies to choose from. For example, if you are looking for a kids upholstered foam folding chair Fun Furnishings is the perfect company for you. They make several different models of foam chair in a variety of fabrics. The kids upholstered folding chair is the most popular kids foam chair on the market. Their Chenille fabric is beautiful and so soft to the touch that children love to curl up and get comfy. The fold out feature allows kids to lie down and relax while they watch TV or read a book. It can even be used to take a nap. Fun also make a folding sofa for an extra comfortable place for kids to rest.

Fun Furnishings also makes larger kids chairs for older kids. The Cloud Chair and Ottoman is great for kids ages 7 – 10. It comes in denim or pink chenille. They also make a Folding Teen Chair which is good for kids 8 – adult. It is comfortable and oh so stylish. Whether you are looking for furnish your pre-teens room or the new dorm room the teen chair will provide a great place to kick back and relax. Fun Furnishings also has the added bonus that all products are made in America. They can even personalize the pillows on the folding sofa for an extra special touch.

If you really want to get a kids chair that looks just like Mom and Dad's chair invest in a child size recliner by Dozydotes. These adorable recliners are covered with durable fabric so messy kids are easy to clean up after. There are a variety of styles including a 4 button tufted kids recliner chair, a straight back recliner, and even a whole selection of recliners with built in cup holders. This unique feature provides a sturdy place for kids to put their drinks while they relax back in their own comfy chair. These types of kids furniture pieces are the perfect place to read a book, watch TV, or play their favorite video game.

Although it's easy to spend other peoples money, it's important to understand that the reason some kids size chairs are much more expensive than some of the items you can find at the big box stores is because of the quality of fabric, workmanship, and unique designs that can't be found at every mall and cornerstone store. Kids like to be unique and finding them an item that their buds don't have is a feather in their cap. Besides, when your friends come over, they oh and ah at your excellent design decisions.

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Kids Furniture | Kids Room

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This article was published on 2010/10/28