How to Help Children Cope with Learning Disabilities?

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If your kid has just been diagnosed with some form of learning disability then there is nothing to worry. Learning disabilities in kids doesn't mean that they are dumb. It just means that they need more time to understand and interpret what happens around them.

Learning difficulties generally manifest themselves in forms of reading, speaking, writing and arithmetic difficulties. Reading for kids can be especially difficult. But given the right kind of attention and guidance as a parent or as a teacher, they can become successful people in their lives. Keep reading to know how you can deal with the learning disability of your child:

1.  Stay focused: Every child is special and different. Always remember this golden rule and keep things in perspective. Unnecessarily worrying about the future will only make you agitated and your kid crankier. So focus on the present. Work on his current needs and be your own expert. Help him restart his ABC learning, if that's what it takes.

2.  Focus on his strengths: Your kid will look at his disability the way you look at him. Understand that it can happen to anybody. Respect your kid for the grit that he's showing and provide unconditional support. Scolding or reprimanding the kid for goofing up will only pull him down. Encourage whatever he's passionate about. Often kids with learning disabilities are artistically inclined. Push them to do better at those. Mathematics can't be the only thing you want your kid to excel in.
3.  Play the advocate for your kid: You will also have to push for him and his special needs as he grows up, sometimes from family and sometimes from outsiders. Make yourself tough. People don't empathize with these emotions and sometimes you have to be rough to take it on. Do it! It's for your kid and that could make or break his life. Tell family and friends to push aside the sympathy factor and actively engage themselves in helping your kid improve his skills.

4.  Your influence outweighs all others: Finally what you feel and what you tell your kid overweighs everything else put together. You want to make your kid tough, you be tough. Rub him up the right way and always encourage doing better. It's your word that will count and not what a million other people tell him.

5.  Be the teacher yourself: As a mom of the child with learning disabilities it is imperative for you to take charge of the child's education. You can't afford to sit back and relax and let someone else take the responsibility to provide necessary tools to educate your child. Ask the school and related authorities to make necessary changes and provisions to suit the needs of the child.

6.  Identify the way that your child learns the best: Each child has their own style of learning when it comes to reading, coloring, alphabets and numbers. Few learn by listening, few by seeing, few by reading and yet few by doing. For a child with learning disability identify their primary style of learning. Once you identified the way, reinforce it in the home study methods.

7.  Talk about the child's learning disability with your family and friends: Most parents prefer to keep their child's learning disability a secret from their family and friends. The family and friends when left in dark often misunderstand the child's behavior stemming from hyper-activity and laziness. They might reprimand the child for this behavior. But if they know the truth, they more often than not, will support the progress of the child.

More often than not you have to understand that it is the psychological connect you have with your kid that matters above all and that's why your kid will follow you and listen to you blindly. Leverage this connection and make him aspire for bigger things. It's a lifelong commitment.

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How to Help Children Cope with Learning Disabilities?

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How to Help Children Cope with Learning Disabilities?

This article was published on 2012/10/13