Funeral Etiquette For Your Kids

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Whether you are attending a funeral of a friend or a relative it is important that your kids behave properly, because a funeral is a time of grief for the family members and friends who were left behind by the departed. You must make sure that your kids are ready to attend a funeral before you take them with you, because your kids might be afraid of funerals and dead people.

• Explain about the funeral. Tell your kids about the place of the funeral and the person who died so they will know what to expect. If your kids are related to the departed, allow them to express their grief. Answer all your kids' questions about death so they will understand the things that bother them. According to experts, exposing your children to funerals will help them have a broader and realistic view about death.

• Dress them properly. Make sure that you dress your kids with comfortable Sunday clothes at the funeral to make them look presentable. You should also consider the weather when dressing your kids, because they might get irritable when their clothes are not appropriate for the weather. For instance, dress your kids with Sunday clothes made with light fabric during a burial held in the summer to make them feel comfortable.

• Introduce them to the people in the funeral. Your kids might feel uncomfortable seeing unfamiliar faces, so it is best to introduce them to these people. Let your kids sit down with your relative or other kids their age so they can be at ease.

• Remind them to give respect to the departed and the grieving family. Your kids can show their condolences to the family of the departed by giving them postcards from online printers. They can also say goodbye to the departed by throwing flowers on the casket or postcards from online printers that offer cheap printing.

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Funeral Etiquette For Your Kids

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This article was published on 2010/04/02